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Do I need an appointment?

Never. Walk in, get tested, walk out. Most of our clients will be at our locations for less than 10 minutes.

I was exposed yesterday, is it too early to test?

Yes, it's too early. CDC guidelines currently indicate the PCR nasal swab needs "a few days" to show a positive. A good rule of thumb is to wait 3-5 days after exposure to show infection. The PCR will show a positive up to two days before symptoms start so if you already have symptoms, come get tested.

How long does it take for results to come back/where are my results?

Fast was part of our mission. Our guarantee is 24-48h from when the sample arrives at the lab. Our courrier comes twice a day. Any test done on Saturday will result on Monday or Tuesday because the lab is closed Sunday. Tests may take longer if they are positive and must be confirmed or have an inconclusive results, since these need to be run again. Due to the volume of calls, please do not call to inquire about test results by phone but send an email instead. Since our guarantee is 24-48h, please do not inquire about test results until after 48h. When you get swabbed, your email will be taken and results sent to you.

Is the testing free?

No. We charge a collection fee. To get the lowest prices, we collect insurance, if you have it. If you have a photo ID and SS#, the price is the same. If you have no ID and no insurance, the out pocket rate is $150. Many free locations are by appointment only and take several days to get results. Our service is easy and fast, but not free.

Is the test accurate?

Our test is the best on the market currently. Approximately 99% accurate. This is a fast result but is not the "rapid test" that is only 80% or so accurate. The real time PCR is the same test used by the NFL, professional boxing, embassies, and outpatient surgery centers to make their events and facilities compliant and safe. The accuracy of the PCR is partially based on the clinician. We have performed thousands of these tests both during the COVID-19 pandemic and for the flu over the years.

What test do you offer? Can I use this to fly or go back to work?

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) RT-PCR is the name of our test. Our high complexity lab is FDA CLIA certified. This is the most commonly accepted test required by states and countries when travelling, dental offices and outpatient surgery centers. Please check with your destination and employer regarding their requirements. We have gladly helped hundreds of travelers make their flights. We're responsible for our test, not your trip. We stand by the reliability of our service, but if you need to have test results before you fly, please don't expect results before 48h.

Can I send my employees to you?

Yes! Send us an email. We'll work with your business to get a discount. We very much want to keep people working who think they may have been exposed and aren't sure if they should quarantine. We have relationships with businesses all over the inland empire, LA and Orange County. It's easy, walk-in get tested, get back to work. We keep our businesses informed about whether results are in yet so they know if they can rebuild their team after an exposure.

Do you test minors?

Yes. For children under the age of two, please go our Rancho location. Handling small children requires special training. The swabber will work with the parent to get a good swab with minimal fuss.

Can you test me in my car?

Yes. Just call ahead and our staff will meet you in the parking lot.

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