We offer two tests. All tests have a window of when they will or will not be accurate.

1. The RT-PCR test is the best on the market currently. Approximately 99% accurate. The real time PCR is the same test used by the NFL, professional boxing, embassies, airlines, and outpatient surgery centers to make their events and facilities compliant and safe. The accuracy of the PCR is partially based on the clinician. We have performed thousands of these tests both during the COVID-19 pandemic and for the flu over the years. If you've been infected in the last day or so, no test from any lab will catch it currently. Day 0-4 after being exposed, the test will result in a false negative with the PCR. After the illness has run it's course and there are a few people who will test positive 30-60 days after the illness has run its course, even though they are not contagious.

2. The rapid antigen test is 85-90% accurate