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Covid-19 truly changed the way that our world progressed, especially when it came to the production and media industry. For years, entertainment was one of the leading industries not only providing us with incredible films and content, but it provided employment and business opportunities for many as well. As our world begins to open up, and production and media companies are returning to work, Complete Covid-19 Testing Center is here to help you keep your production and media industry running smoothly, so you can focus on other aspects.

From employee and onsite staff temperature checks, sanitization, PCR testing, rapid testing, record keeping and more, we care for the medical and compliance part of your project so you can allow your team to focus on their art. We’re up to speed on the most current state and CDC guidelines and work with RN’s, EMT’s, and medical assistants to keep your team safe.

Our testing center designed itself to accommodate the specific environments that production and media industries require. Just speak to one of our team members about your project and we’ll help craft a program that works best, keeps the project safe and is as un-invasive as possible.

How We Can Help You

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Covid Compliance Officer

Here at Complete Covid-19 Testing Center, we’re excited to announce our Covid Compliance Officer. This ultimately helps to remove the confusion and uncertainty about how to operate a project within the production and media industry, in the safest manner while also complying with the state’s requirements. Our center is up to date on California requirements, CDC guidelines and the preferences of the specific manager and director. In the production and media industry, we work with are not limited to:

  • Recording Studios

  • Commercial Video Sets

  • Content Creator Sites

  • Production Shoots

  • Photography Locations

The Covid Officer Compliance Responsibilities include:

  • Temperature checks and COVID screening on arrival to the site

  • Providing spare masks, gloves, hand sanitizer

  • Assistance in setting up eating and other common areas

  • On site education and reminders, usually done at the beginning of the work day

  • Regular rounds throughout the day to verify compliance - we want you to focus on your project and we’ll focus on COVID

  • Records of who was tested, what kind of test was performed, and when they were tested

  • Daily logs of all screenings performed for the project manager’s records

We take your safety, and the safety of others onsite seriously. If something onsite isn’t up to standards or looks questionable, we take care of it and make sure that your site is running smoothly. Once your production has finished, we will provide records of the testing and screenings to show that you’ve done your part. Not only does this protect your staff but it also allows you to work, knowing confidently that you’re adhering to all rules and regulations and have the proof to show it, should something happen.

Work with us, and allow our experienced staff to take care of your safety while you implement the production and media.


Located in Los Angeles and Inland Empire

We are currently offering our Covid safety protocols to production and media sites to locations around Los Angeles and Inland Empire. Please connect with the location closest to you, if you need help deciding, give us a call and we can work with you one-on-one!

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Complete COVID-19 Testing Center is ready to help the production and media industry get back to “normal.” Schedule your next project with us and be rest assured that your production and media site will be safe for everyone there. Our staff does all the work, allowing you to focus on your project.

With locations all across Southern California, we’re here to help protect you from the spread of COVID-19. Learn more information about testing sites, results, and turn around times by visiting our FAQ’s Page or contact us directly and we’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have.